He is wearing FIORA perfume to attract a lady on movie(Scandal Makers).

[Story On Channel] Women’s talking to control men’s heart by using FIORA perfume.


Love making perfume – FIORA Women have started to notice me. It works wonders !
– Mike –

I always wear FIORA every special day. I feel like I have a secret weapon.
– Antonio –

Women ask me, “What are you wearing? It is so sexy.”
– Slade –

I would like to order two bottles of FIORA. FIORA was much better than other pheromone perfumes I have tried.
– Jason –


I like the reactions I get with FIORA. Men I don’t even know want to play with me.
– Janice –

It made my husband so sweet. My neighbor wanted to know why my husband was always paying special attention to me.
– Fanny Eung –

I felt that it made men want to stay with me. Thank you so much.
– Margaret –


The optimum temperature is about 10-25′ C.
It is better if FIORA fragrance is not mixed with cigarette smoke or unpleasant smell.
The effect is more powerful the closer you are to a person of the opposite sex.
If the opposite sex is too aggressive, wash the area you wear.