Product Name: FIORA Love Poison Fiora Lovepoison for men
Volume: 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz.)
Class: Eau de Parfum
Type: For Men / For Women
Bottle Appearance: Beautiful crystal
Ingredients: Human pheromone, Fragrances
Fragrance Feeling: Clean, cool and refreshing
Fragrance Origin: France
Human Pheromone Components:
-. For Men: Androstadienone(Male pheromone)
-. For Women: Estratetraenol(Female pheromone)
Pheromone Concentrated: 10mg per bottle
Designed for: Strong sexual seduction.



  • Best class of human pheromones and fragrances.
  • High concentration of human pheromones, while many other similar products contain far fewer.
  • Much more attractive scent than other pheromone perfumes.
  • The testimonials of FIORA perfumes are Here.